Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Minus the Bear: Omni + Austin = Luv

If Minus the Bear's Omni doesn't get them all over the radio, television and movies in the next 6 months then I give up. Seriously, have y'all heard My Time yet? Minus the Bear have been kicking ass for this whole century and I wanna see them get their's already. Most of you internet nerds have already been listening to Omni since it leaked but now you can pick it up on vinyl at your local record shop for today is Tuesday, which is New Release day USA.

Also, don't forget if you're reading this from the greater Austin area, we can catch Minus the Bear at La Zona Rosa on May 16th. You should probably snag tickets before they become mythical like unicorns and change we can believe in. I bet Minus the Bear likes unicorns and change they can believe in but that's mere conjecture at this point.

Minus the Bear - My Time video via YouTube

For the record, if you just listened to My Time and that is all you know of Minus the Bear you should realize it is not a fair representation of what "their sound" is. Omni has a variety of influences it wears on its musical sleeves so expect them to change shirts frequently. Here's a sample of their previous album to give you some kind of a context for that mixed shirt metaphor.

Minus the Bear - Throwin' Shapes video via YouTube

Ok, Young the Giant will play the opening slot for Minus the Bear. Now, they used to have a different name but if they want to forget it then I won't remind you. Live in the now people! Young the Giant is signed to Roadrunner Records and I expect to see their name in Austin's show listings a few more times this year. They don't have much to sample but I'm betting there will be some merch at the show. Here's a teaser I scrounged up for now:

Young the Giant - Album Tease video via YouTube

Did you notice the "_____ the _____" theme? Although one is "Noun the Verb" while the other is "Noun the Noun". Perhaps they intended Young to be interpreted as a verb; as in to young oneself with Botox? Stay tuned on this and other grammatical band name patterns and mysteries.