Monday, April 12, 2010

Temper Trap & Kissaway Trail

I think y'all know how I feel about 101X but in case you don't, let's just say I'm not a fan of that particular radio station. For that matter, I'm not a fan of Austin radio whatsoever. HOWEVER, I will conceit that 101x does sponsor/book/whatever some really good shows here in town. The flip of that is they don't play these artists on the damn radio. In any case, the wretched alt-rock dinosaurs will be hosting two really good bands at Emo's outside stage. Tickets are still available and will set you back, roughly, $15 however you'll have to go to Waterloo Records or End of an Ear because the tickets aren't available online. Temper Trap is headlining, but I'm just as excited to get my eyes and ears on Kissaway Trail.

Temper Trap - Fader video via YouTube

Free Kissaway Trail Mp3 courtesy of Press Here Publicity, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Kissaway Trail - SDP

That Mp3 above and the video for the same song below is from the Kissaway Trails forthcoming album, which will be available to purchase on April 20th. The album was produced by Peter Katis who has worked with Interpol, The National, Sigur Rós’ & Jónsi. The band itself is Danish but you can here lots of American rock influence in their music. Don't expect the entire set to be as rocking at SDP, these guys are known for building their music live, creating layers and loops and adding them altogether to create a big, enveloping sound.

Kissaway Trail - SDP video via YouTube

Going back to Temper Trap for a minute, I feel like they have been in obscurity for too long. They have had a couple of successful SXSW visits yet they aren't all over AAA radio yet. Does 101X even play their tunes? Here's one more to tide you over until tomorrow.

Temper Trap - Science of Fear video via YouTube