Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SXSW 2010 Preview: The Very Best

You may not have heard of the musicians who have dubbed themselves, the Very Best but if you're a fan of M.I.A, Santogold, or any of the Mad Decent family of artists then you're going to become a fan. The sound is world-beat samples with western influences to create a dance-able sound that straddles the line between electronic, hip-hop and tribal influences. The track you may be most familiar with features Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig who also guested on another electronic album this year by Discovery. This song is the title track from the Very Best and if it doesn't make you smile you should probably get your face fixed.

the Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa video via YouTube

Find out where you can catch the Very Best during SXSW 2010 after the break.

At the moment the Very Best only has two shows listed on the Do512 site but something tells me they'll be playing a couple of high-profile day parties as well. I'm going to surmise that they'll be making an appearance at the elusive Fader Fort. Also, we still haven't heard any details from a Perez Hilton party OR the always mythical Rock the Rabbit party.

If you're going SX in an official way you can catch the Very Best at either of these official venues. Both shows they'll be playing the 1am, headlining slot I expect some serious drunken dancing. Oh, and for the record the Very Best's Myspace page shows a third show on the 20th with no other details.

Thu 03/18 at Beauty Bar.
Fri 03/19 at Emo's.

I'm not sure, which Emo's stage they'll be playing but it you have a badge or wristband you'll probably be able to figure it out once you get there. This next song isn't the best track on the album but it's definitely my favorite after I got sick of that Ezra Koenig one. Sorry in advance for the non-video but I'm sure you wanted to look at the cover art for the LP, right?

the Very Best - Julia video via YouTube

Another thing the Very Best are known for is adding their own vocals to an existing track and making it their own. They broke onto the scene with a remix/sampling of Architecture in Helsinki. Their latest song in this style uses Yeasayer's Ambling Amp.

the Very Best - Mulomo video via YouTube

In an almost, totally, un-related note. Here's that song by Discovery, which also feature Ezra Koenig. In case you missed it somehow.

Discovery - Carby video via YouTube

Here's my favorite song from Discovery after I got sick of THAT Ezra Koenig song:

Discovery - Osaka Loop Line video via YouTube

For the record, Discovery will NOT be at SXSW 2010. However, Ezra Koenig will be at Stubb's with Vampire Weekend about a month AFTER SX so there's that.