Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Brendan Benson and Akron/Family are both in town Wednesday and I have tickets to both shows! What's a Bloggy to do y'all? It might be possible for me to catch pieces of both headlining acts, but do I really want that stress? Besides it would be kind of rude to B. Benson or the A/Fam if I just walked out of their shows. They might stop performing and call me out, "Whose that extremely handsome man putting his jacket on?!?!". Most likely, what will happen, is I'll give away the Akron/Family on Twitter and end up going to see Brendan Benson. Not that I don't like the Fam but they play Austin with much more frequency than B. Benson. Specifically, a solo Brendan Benson show is a particular rarity 'round these parts. If you're interested I believe tickets for both the Akron/Family and the Brendan Benson shows are still available.

Brendan Benson - A Whole Lot Better video via YouTube

This B. Benson show will be my first time at the Independent but I seem to recall that Joel over at Ultra8201 told me the place is tiiiight. For those of you who are all, "Who the eff is B. Benson? A/Fam is WAAAAYY better!". I say to thee, "Whilst I 'respect' your opinion, B. Benson is a pop-songwriting machine who should be preserved in some sort of glass case so he may write distraction free for the rest of time". Hell, let's throw A.C. Newman in there too. Actually I'd love to hear that collabo, you hear me Universe? Oh, also, you probably know Brendan Benson better as "that other guy in the Raconteurs".

the Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely video via YouTube

For those of you not familiar with Akron/Family...I'm trying really hard not to judge you right now but seriously? You're not down with A/Fam? Where you been dawg? They've been making ripples since their song Running, Returning hit the interwebs 3 blog-decades ago. Their reputation as a stellar/transcendent live-band precedes them and if you know anything about Bloggy you know I loves me some Parish Room. So, if you're really not feeling Brendan Benson, fear not dear reader, you will also have a GREAT time at the Akron/Family show. Who knows, maybe you'll see me there getting yelled at by Akron/Family for being tardy.

Akron/Family - Everyone Is Guilty video via YouTube

In case you didn't get my A.C. Newman reference it's the dude in this BEAUTIFUL Black Cab Sesion video:

New Pornographers - All the Old Showstoppers video via YouTube