Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Must <3 the Club Deville

Looks like Club Deville has a string of good, local acts playing tonight and tomorrow. Tonight I plan on heading downtown (*fingers crossed* for good parking) to catch Woven Bones with Harlem. I'm never sure about the door charge I wish they would post that somewhere but I would guestimate it to be a $5 cover. Although sometimes, I've noticed venues getting sneaky with the $6 cover so you end up with more ones presumably for tipping. *shrug*

Woven Bones - Live @ Emo's video via YouTube

Then tomorrow night, Club Deville is hosting CD release parties for two, count them, two bands at once!

'Til We're Blue or Destroy - Giving Up on the High Side video via YouTube

'Til We're Blue or Destroy is one of the bands with a new CD. Is it me or have they gotten a little weirder since 2007? But then again, haven't we all gotten a little weirder in the past two year? No? Fine then. But check out 'Til We're Blue or Destroy from way back in '07...seems like a distant memory.

'Til We're Blue or Destroy - Don't Ever Let the Bastard Win video via YouTube

New Roman Times is the other band sharing their CD release party tomorrow night. I hope there's cupcakes, it's not really a "party" without them, it's just another damn show.

New Roman Time - Reversion Therapy video via YouTube