Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friendly Fires + the XX = Mohawk Thursday

Hipsters start your fixed-gears, Friendly Fires and the XX hit the Mohawk's outside stage tonight! If you weren't aware of this already then you're probably not going to get a ticket, at least not by the usual means, as the show has been sold-out since Monday. Friendly Fires have always put on a solid-show but the buzz for their latest material being played on the current tour has been loud. Their latest release seems to be a Deluxe re-issue of their Eponymous, debut LP. You can check it out here if you wish.

Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life video via YouTube

I wouldn't say the XX are opening for Friendly Fires I'd say it's a split-headliner. Sure, FF have been around longer but the XX are current UK darlings, or at least they were this summer when their single, Crystalised was pretty much everywhere. I haven't checked but I'm sure there are a billion or so remixes of the song. I have also noticed that the XX have been tagged to remix a lot of other artist's as of late. Personally, I don't try to keep up with what Carles calls the remix-economy. It's pretty much a full-time job these days keeping track of who is remixing whom, when and how to get an ear on the songs once they're supposedly out. But I digress, here's Crystalised in case you somehow escaped it this summer.

the XX - Crystalised video via YouTube

If you're cool and you get there early tonight you can also catch, recent XL Recording signee, Holly Miranda. I'd expect her to start around 9:15, this whole thing has to be done by midnight so we're packing it in early kids. By the way, whether you're cool or not you should probably get to the 'Hawk early unless you want to see the backs of people's heads whilst listening to Friendly Fires.

Holly Miranda - I Go To Sleep + Hymnal video via YouTube

Oh snap! I just checked Holly Miranda's official page and it says canceled for her appearance at the 'Hawk but I'm sure there will be some kick-ass local act instead, which is just fine by me. Or maybe U2 will show up and everyone will be excited at first then they'll get their hipster on and throw their Lone Stars at Bono. Then Bono will turn on the spot and disappear in cloud of shamrocks leaving behind, only, a pair of black wrap-around shades. Whoa!