Sunday, October 11, 2009

BLK JKS Tomorrow

I feel like I have probably mentioned this show once or twice already but I wanted to remind y'all that tomorrow night BLK JKS will be back in Austin for the first time since their LP was released. I had a chance to catch this S. African band at SXSW '07 and they blew me away. Their music is instantly classic yet completely fresh at the same time. Given that a ticket will only set you back about $10 you should probably check them out. I suspect that the next time they swing through town they will be exponentially more famous then they are today. For some reason I truly expect them to be playing Coachella, Lollapalooza and all that business next summer. So catch 'em now while no one has heard of them yet.

BLK JKS - Molalatladi video via YouTube

Speaking of exciting, up-and-coming, African artists, I picked up Warm Heart of Africa by the Very Best yesterday. I had the mixtape from last year and I have been playing it quite a bit lately. But it's that title track, Warm Heart of Africa that has really made a home in my brain. BLK JKS actually spent some time in the studio with the Very Best contributing some instrumentation and vocals to their LP. I don't expect to see the Very Best here in Austin until SXSW but I did notice they will be doing some showcases in NYC for CMJ Fest later this month. If you're going to be in the city be sure to check them out.

the Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa video via YouTube

Oh, and yes that was Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend fame. That guy has been popping up all over the place lately. First he was on that track Carby by VW/Ra Ra Riot side-project, Discovery now this, the Very Best track. Up next is a new Vampire Weekend LP, the first track of which, can already be downloaded from their official site.

Discovery - Carby video via YouTube

The Emo's site doesn't say whether BLK JKS is an inside or outside show but I would venture to guess that's it's going to be an indoor event. If you get there early enough you can check out local artists, Wine and Revolution as well as TV Torso.

TV Torso - Live @ the Scoot Inn video via YouTube