Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rock Out in the Morning

So the Austin blogosphere is a buzz with ACL Fest after-parties but what about the pre-parties y'all? KGSR is hosting a series of live-performances for their morning show all weekend long, which of course starts on Thursday morning. If you want to see it live, hit Threadgill's World Headquarters in S. Austin it costs $5 to get in but all of that money goes to charity. So, you'll have that going for you already, which is nice. You can catch the full line-up of artists and times, keeping in mind that it's all "tentative". Don't worry about that though, KGSR are the kings/queens/benevolent-dictators of Adult-Alternative so even if they sub some artists out they won't give you anyone that is ridiculously awful. After all, this is being broadcast on the radio and interwebs for anyone to hear, for free!

David Garza will be kicking things off at 7:30am tomorrow.

Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom ft. David Garza - Let Me video via YouTube

You can find some of the artists to be showcased after the break. You won't believe the first one after the break...seriously for $5?!?! At 8am? What?!?! Wait a second, did that say 8am?

Not to sound like a hippie or anything, you can see how clean my feet are if you ever meet me in person, but Medeski, Martin & Wood?!?! For $5?!?! Srsly KGSR I <3 you so much right now. Let's hang out, call me. Oh, and if you are a hippie or just a person with dirty feet, nothing personal, we're still cool. Right?

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Uninvisible video via YouTube

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears are back in town and they'll be playing Threadgill's at 8am. Make sure you at least listen to that one on the radio if you can't get down there. Nothing says good morning like some punchy throw-back soul, and just to help you picture it, the horns you hear are not shiny and they look a little beat up. It's almost like you're there isn't it?

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears - Sugarfoot video via YouTube

That other cool band from Providence, The Low Anthem, ended up with the earliest time slot. They'll be playing at 7am Friday, which is, coincidentally, the time you may begin serving alcohol. Hmmm. Whadayaknow? I mean to imply nothing about the band's imbibing habits by that comment. They are stunning.

The Low Anthem - To The Ghosts Who Write History Books video via YouTube

I feel like I mentioned them yesterday but the Walkmen will also be playing Threadgills at 8:30am Friday morning.

the Walkmen - In the New Year video via YouTube

Have I told you there's going to be free food at this event too? Also, you might get to meet Andy Langer. Or, maybe, see him from afar and tell people you met him and he asked you to hang out at the fest for free but you didn't want to ditch your buds so you went to Taco Cabana and just chilled instead. Or not, that's your call, I'm just throwing out ideas here.

D-Bags - Chillin' at the Taco Cabana video via YouTube

By the way I was going to put a video for David Garza's biggest hit, Butterflies above the break but the ones with good sound have copyrighted images that put the song in a weird context. So, instead I've buried it way down here.


David Garza - Butterflies video via YouTube