Monday, July 13, 2009

Pete Yorn, Tonight!

Damn my early work schedule, I will have to miss Pete Yorn at La Zona Rosa tonight, but that doesn't mean you have to. At this point, the show still isn't sold-out so I'm guessing it probably won't. You can buy tickets for will-call or you should be able to just pay at the door I would think. Opening up for Pete will be Zee Avi. A ticket to this show will set you back about $30, which is probably why it's not sold-out. Thirty bucks Pete? Really?

Pete Yorn - Shotgun video via YouTube

AND you won't let me embed official videos Pete?!?! Really?!?! You can PURCHASE some bad-ass Pete Yorn music videos from the iTunes store though!

More UNOFFICIAL videos after the jump...

Zee Avi is signed to Jack Johnson's record label so that should give you an idea of what to expect.

Zee Avi - Bitter Heart video via YouTube

Here's the song that "catapulted" Pete Yorn into "fame", it's the one you're mostly likely to recognize if you're not familiar with his music. Part of me wants to put a lame-ass cover of this song since I can't embed the official video. Instead I'll put this shitty-crowd sing along version.

Pete Yorn - Life on a Chain (Shitty-Crowd singing along version) video via YouTube

I must say, if that last video had been filmed in Austin, instead of a sing-along you would have heard people carrying on conversation, loudly as if there weren't a performer on stage.

I think I posted something from this Bruce Springsteen covers series back when he was in town. But since this is official, and not shitty I'll let you hear Pete doing Bruce...I think Pete Doing Bruce is actually trucker-porn.

Pete Yorn - Your Own Worst Enemy video via YouTube

I feel like I enjoy Pete Yorn less, after writing this post, than I did before writing this post. But, I'm a MUCH bigger fan of Zee Avi now, so that's good right?

Zee Avi - Honey Bee video via YouTube

And for some reason all that Pete Yorn just put me in the mood to hear Josh Rouse. Hmm?

Josh Rouse - Direction video via YouTube

And what do you know? I was able to embed Mr. Rouse's biggest single, no problem. Hmm?