Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gomez Vs. Little Joy Monday Night

Austin's spans of bad-ass concert continues on people. So what's it gonna be Monday? Little Joy or Gomez? Or possibly both if you catch Gomez at Waterloo Records then head over to The Independent for Little Joy. Depending on what time Little Joy ends you could walk up to Stubb's in time for more Gomez! How do you like that? All of a sudden it's like a two band festival on a Monday night.

Little Joy - Next Time Around video via YouTube

If you want to check out Little Joy they come highly recommended by the folks over at Ultra8201 as well as many others. I don't know anything about the venue they are playing. I have never been to a show at the Independent so I can't give any advice as far as set times, drink prices, comfort level etc. But the tickets are through C3 presents, so probably $4 Lone Stars is what I'm thinking.

Little Joy - Unattainable video via YouTube

Gomez is playing at Stubb's outside so I guarentee $4 Lone Stars at that show. If you don't want to do a lot of standing around and only want to see Gomez, get there around 9:50. If you do that though you'll miss opening acts, JJ Grey & Mofro. But hey, it's Monday night and you've got a lot more concerts to see this week. Oh yeah and as far as I know, you can still get some tickets for this show. I imagine it's somewhat difficult to sell-out Stubb's outside on a Monday night.

Gomez - How We Operate video via YouTube

I think this video was filmed in a studio next to Kerbey South, but that's just speculation.

Gomez - Rehearsal at a South Austin Studio video via YouTube