Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Night Fights

Wow, so tonight features some major show action in Austin. At least 2 out of the 3 majors are already sold-out. I still haven't managed to find a way into the sold-out Animal Collective show at Stubb's and tickets are going for $40-$200 on Craigslist. Remember when Craigslist was cool? Back before it was over-run with scam artists and people who always want to send me their fake Nigerian Money Orders? That was cool. I may just go down to the show after 10pm and see if I can get a ticket at the door or something. Who knows? Gotta ticket?

Animal Collective - Brothersport video via YouTube

Isn't it crazy how quiet the crowd was for the build-up of that song?!?! It's from Norway. Yeah.

Yeah so there's the AC show at Stubb's with Black Dice.

Black Dice - Smiling Off video via YouTube

Then, a mere block away, and simultaneously occuring, is another sold-out show featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy at the Mohawk's outside stage. I recommend making friends with the people who live in those condos that sit between Mohawk and Stubb's, unless they live on the side of the L that doesn't face either location. Who buys those places? Can you imagine having either: Club DeVille, Mohawk, Stubb's, or the Hospital/Interstate out your bedroom window? I suppose if you're a night owl it's cool, I actually saw people watching the Helio Sequence show at Mohawk from their balcony last night. Seemed like they had almost the same perspective I had from the Mohawk's rooftop deck from their balcony. But I digress. Watch a Bonnie "Prince" Billy video why don't 'cha?

Bonnie "Prince" Billy" - Cursed Sleep video via YouTube

Moving on to the third, and as far as I know not-yet sold-out show of the evening. The New York Dolls are going on after Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears rock Emo's outside stage tonight. I'm a big fan of local artists Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears and I am aware of the legendary status of the New York Dolls so I'm sure this is going to be a great show. However, through no fault of their own the New York Dolls are forever associated in my mind with former (e)M(p)T(y)V VJ Jesse Camp. Sorry NYD's. So anyway, if you want to check this show out here's the ticket link and it may, or may not , be sold-out by the time you click it.

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears - Boogie video via YouTube

What's going on elsewhere within the AustinBloggyLimits for those of us who didn't get tickets to these sold-out-ish shows? Well there's always the other sold-out-ish show featuring Alejandro Escovedo, at Antone's. Here's the ticket link for that show which, again, may, or may not be of use to you at the time you read this. Or you can catch Unfortunate Heads at Lambert's, if that's more your vibe? Or hell, you can recession your ass at home with some movies you DVR'd from television too. That's cool if you dress uncomfortably and spring for fancy glasses from TJ Maxxed-Out-Your-Credit-Cards. Or maybe you can just play your music way too loudly and try to talk to your friends while texting and taking crappy cell phone pictures in the dark to re-create the concert experience in a different environment? Could be fun? Try to destroy your bathroom first for the full effect and possibly charge your friends to get into your intensely loud/dark/hot environment. For maximum authenticity mark your friend's dates, who are too young for them, with giant, black, permanent marker X's.

Alejandro Escovedo - Always a Friend video via YouTube