Friday, May 8, 2009

Glass Candy = Cool Mother's Day Present (?)

Glass Candy - Computer Love video via YouTube

At this point I'm not really sure how I feel about the band Glass Candy but I'm intrigued. They'll be playing the Mohawk outside, late Saturday night so it will be interesting to see how others react. It sort of makes me think of the Knife but Glass Candy def isn't as disconnected and killer-smooth as the Knife. Let's find a song that's not a Kraftwerk cover I'm sure that will give us a better impression of this...Glass Candy.

Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor video via YouTube

Man, something about that song Digital Versicolor was really upsetting to me. I wonder if they did that on purpose? It just made me really uncomfortable, like I was in one of those Calvin Klein ads or I needed a Crying Game shower or something. But something tells me this is still going to be a pretty kick-ass, Miller High Life-Fueled show. See you there?

Oh shhhh, I found the banger y'all!! It's complete with a sweet Isaac Hayes sample. Too bad the video is N/A. Oh yeah, and tickets for the show at the Mohawk are $10 in advance or $12 at the door...back to the MF Banga!

Glass Candy - Geto Boys video via YouTube

Did I mention that Glass Candy is fresh from a Coachella appearance? By the way that video that I linked for the word "Coachella" came directly from the Glass Candy that how you would want people to hear your band? You MUST bring earplugs this Saturday or you will hear EVERYTHING the way that video sounds...SRSLY y'all. Oh yeah, and apparently that girl from Glass Candy thinks she's one hot-ass dancer right? We'll be the judge of that girl from GC!

the Knife - Silent Shout video via YouTube

As if I was just gonna mention the Knife without showing you some of their "hits", come on y'all. This one can be in honor of Mother's Day :-).

the Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health video via YouTube

If you're thinking music for Mother's Day the Knife probably isn't a good choice. Neither is Glass Candy, Mom's tend to like John Mayer, Nora Jones and such. Or you could totally blow your Mom's mind and get her the new Brett Dennen CD, chances are she hasn't heard it and it's totally Mom-worthy.

Brett Dennen - Make You Crazy video via YouTube

Hey what was that ginger-dude doing with Ryan Adams wife?!?! Ryan Adams is also mom-approved, just don't tell her a lot about his personal life. Or the TRUE meaning of, "It takes two, when it used to take only one."

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Two video via YouTube