Friday, April 10, 2009

Moz in Austin/KidzBop Rulez

Not that I plan on going or anything, but I was quite surprised to find that those of you who would like to see Morrissey on Sunday may still do so. That's right kids tickets for Moz at the Bass Concert Hall are still on sale now. I guess I just thought the city of Austin would be more enthused for Morrissey but that's a big venue and I'm sure his swarms of sad, psychotic fan-boys and girls already got their tix.

Morrissey - Interviewed by Russel Brand video via YouTube

More video after the jump...

I know Morrissey hasn't been a member of the Smith for a great many years now, but he still does some of those songs, so I'm going to post the hits.

the Smiths - This Charming Man video via YouTube

I have just been scouring YouTube for more Morrissey/Smith material but it's all owned by my favorite faceless record giant, UMG (Surprise!). So I can't embed any of their video. Since they don't really want me promoting their artists or their content on my site. You'll get this instead.

Stoned D-Bag - How Soon Is Now video via YouTube

Trust me I hunted around for some of the worst cover songs on YouTube to find the one above, but I was VERY disappointed that there were no Kidz Bop covers. I did find all these cheesy film student videos though. That's fun...or sad...right?

the Smiths - Frankly, Mr. Shankly video via YouTube

Kidz Bop - Since You Been Gone video via YouTube