Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fiona Apple April Foolery

So, it's tough to blog on April Fool's day because everyone is being very clever with the jokes and such. However, joke or not I'm excited to report that Stereogum has hopped on board my attempt to bring back Fiona Apple. You may recall that I was starting some #rumors about a new song from Fiona Apple well maybe I was just having a premonition or maybe this is a Truman Show-esque turn of events. Either way here is a newly unearthed cover song from Fiona, originally by Cy Coleman:

Fiona Apple - Why Try To Change Me Now video via YouTube

Don't get me wrong I'm excited to hear something new from Fiona Apple but in my little fantasy she was working with a hot new producer that would help her make something totally new. My first thought was Mark Ronson he's sort of the hot producer of '07 but I really like the idea of a throwback Motown sort of Fiona. I don't want Fiona to sound-like or end up like Amy Winehouse, try to focus more on the production aesthetics. This is from Mark Ronson's album Versus, which is on an evil corporate label that doesn't allow embedding of their YouTube content. It should be easier to focus on the sound aesthetics watching this kid spaz out. Thanks evil corporations:

Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse - Valerie (Originally by the Zutons) video via YouTube

Here's the Zutons' original Valerie, which is also owned by faceless corporate subsidiaries but who doesn't love Jools Holland?:

the Zutons - Valerie video via YouTube

I guess for Extraordinary Machine Fiona tried working with a hip-hop producer in Jon Brion. Maybe the stark, electronic, post-millenial, orchestrally-flourished, pastoral-rock of Nigel Godrich would be a better fit? I just made up a word or two back there. Here's a nice example of the Godrich 'signature sound'(Also owned by corp-d-bags):

Beck - Paper Tiger video via YouTube.

The rumor that seemed most believable to my Twitter maniacs was the lie that Fiona was joining an even newer Jack White band. Are we ready for a raw, country/blues-rock/bluegrassy Fiona?

Jack White & Loretta Lynn - Portland, OR video via YouTube

Perhaps, what we really need is a Fiona, Robert Plant and T-Bone Burnett collabo? Sorry A. Krauss you're out, we're putting in the Apple.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Gone, Gone, Gone video via YouTube

We're just happy to hear from you again Fiona.

<3, birkley3030 (AustinBloggyLimits)