Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not Human...Dancer!

That's right indie-rock's most beautiful narcissists will be at the Frank Erwin Center tonight. I'm not sure how much tickets cost, nor do I care. The Killers make some great tunes without a doubt but I'm just not interested in see them at such a large venue. Their tunes are arena-ready but I doubt they are.

I'd love for their opening act, M83 to do a secret gig somewhere either before or after. Let me know if you hear anything.

M83 - Teen Angst video via YouTube

By the way if you were hoping for a YouTube clip from the Killers too bad. They are on the EVIL Universal Music Group GiantCorp hence no embedding. You want to hear their music? Go buy the CD damn it. Or record MTV from 3am-5am...I found the videos!!

For more about this event including more video from M83, I already wrote about this so check it.