Saturday, January 24, 2009

Animal Collective Tour

Animal Collective - My Girls video via YouTube

Review and such after the jump.

Animal Collective is one of those bands that you're, kind of, supposed to like if you want to call yourself an indie-rock aficionado. Lucky for us no one really wants that title. In any case, I find myself listening to their latest record Merriweather Post Pavillion more and more every day. Thanks, in no small part, to that song above the break.

I have never seen AC live but they have a reputation for putting on great shows. Be forewarned musician snobs their live show is more like keyboards, sequencers and other studio equipment, than guitars, bass and the like. Come on though, it would be like a band trying to cover themselves if they did that. These guys are studio wiz kids. They're all about constructing and deconstructing pocket symphonies a la Brian Wilson.

However, I must say that My Girls does remind me of Peacebone from their last LP, Strawberry Jam

Animal Collective - Peacebone video via YouTube

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that if you'd like to see Animal Collective in your town, check here. If you want to see them here in Austin you better get on top of the ticket situation 'cause this show is gonna sell out fo' sho' and the tickets went on sale today!