Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BJ Lewis

One of my favorite things about living in Austin, is the way everything seems to be small and inter-connected. Sure it's a city, but I see all the same people at the shows, and everyone knows everyone else. It's for this reason that there always tends to be a bit of music gossip in the air.

Well the other day I was at work chatting about an ACL after-show I'm excited about. I don't want to give too many details yet because it will decrease my chances of getting a ticket. In any case I mentioned local-band, Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears who I saw during SXSW, and how they are awesome and I can't wait to see them at this after-party. To which one of my co-workers responds, "Oh that's my friends roommate". He then proceeded to give me a little insider info that I hadn't heard yet.

Apparently the Honey Bears have been signed to Lost Highway Records, they were given a bonus to get all new music and recording equipment. This doesn't really surprise me since they were called out early in the year as being one of the breakout acts of 2008. But to share a label with fellow Austinite, Willie Nelson must be pretty exciting. Lost Highway is a country or alt-country label home to Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams and now Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears - Gunpowder

I definitely wouldn't call Black Joe's music country but it certainly has a throwback funk/soul/blues vibe. All right, I have to tell you now. The after party is Black Joe Lewis sharing a ticket with Jamie Lidell! Maybe this doesn't excite you but I really hope Jamie Lidell borrows some Honey Bears to give his act some extra live instrumentation. I'm not telling you where it is yet. That will be in a future post.

In any case if you weren't at Lollapalooza and you want to check out Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears you might want to check their MySpace because they are currently touring with locals, What Made Milwaukee Famous then they are touring with more locals, Okkervil River.

Damn, I guess it's easier to claw your way to the top when you are managed by C3 entertainment. The people who book Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Festival, Coachella and others. But then again, that's another reason why bands move to Austin. Oh and by the way it's not like easy to get noticed by C3 ask the hundreds of Austin bands who don't get to play ACL fest...YET.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears - Live in Dallas video via YouTube

Here's an interview:

Black Joe Lewis interview with Quinnstorm video via YouTube

Another co-worker went on a date with Joe Lewis, he took her "dancing at the Continental Club" *sigh* how dreamy.