Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stereolab Tour, Moog Says Thanks

Ok, so this is kind of early to be talking about but did you know Stereolab is going in tour in September?!?! I noticed when I bought my Wolf Parade ticket the other night that Stereolab are scheduled to appear at La Zone Rosa on September 24th. Not only that, but Atlas Sound will be opening. So you can catch legends of indie-rock/electronic music with one of the most buzzed about new artists opening!

Apparently Stereolab are releasing a new LP called Chemical Chords it is due out on August 19th via 4AD records. The first single is called Neon Beanbag and can be heard right now at Stereolabs MySpace

Catch some video after the jump...

Stereolab - Live on Jools Holland via YouTube

Stereolab - Wow and Flutter video via YouTube