Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busdriver Mohawk Saturday

My friend, and fellow blogger, Tim posted an article today about "intelligent hip-hop" no offense Flo-Rida. Hey I just got that, is he from Florida? Anyway, so Tim's post got me thinking about that Busdriver show this weekend.

Busdriver is part of that class of hip-hop they used to call Backpacker Hip-Hop now a days I would call it Hip-Hop for indie rockers, or unpopular hip-hop? Included in this group for today I would say Aesop Rock, or Cannibal Ox, maybe Dilated Peoples, or MF Doom.

Anyway, Busdriver will be at, my favorite venue, the Mohawk (outside) this Saturday with AntiMc, Aspek, and Bomber. From the looks of thing Busdriver is in town to promote a new single, but I suspect we'll hear about a new release in the near future. Tickets are only $10, the show starts at 9p.

In the meantime the latest full length by Busdriver came out in '07 it's called Roadkill Overcoat and features production by Boom Bip. For some reason Busdriver is on Epitaph records home of Bad Religion, the Offspring, Story of the Year and other metal/punk/hardcore/pop-variations. What's up with that?

Check out some sounds and videos after the jump.

The only "official" audio I could find was pretty old, update your site Busdriver.

Busdriver - Kill Your Employer

If you click the tiny mp3 button on this ugly player from Epitaph you can download these two songs.

Check out this weird-ass Busdriver video. I think he was doing the Gnarls Barkley schtick before Gnarls Barkley.

Busdriver - Sunshowers video via YouTube