Thursday, June 5, 2008

Arm's Way

Montreal band, Islands, released a pretty killer disc last month. I don't know if you've heard it yet, but Arm's Way is pop music at its best. Now I'm not talking about Justin Timberlake pop, I'm thinking more like Badly Drawn Boy, with a touch of Beach Boys crossed with Jethro Tull(?). Island create perfect little melodies then they embellish the hell out of 'em with strings, keys, layered vocals and other textural sounds. Arm's Way is pop on a grander-scale, to me you can hear an almost theatrical quality in the music.

Islands is basically a bedroom band that has evolved from the ruins of the band, The Unicorns, into a 6-piece touring band with revolving studio guests. Arm's Way is the second release from Islands, who is on the Anti- label in the US and Rough Trade in the UK.

I attended a SXSW day party this year called, Mess With Texas, where Islands performed. But if we're being honest I was too drunk and chatty at that point to remember much of anything about their performance. Islands will be returning to Austin, gracing Emo's outside stage on June 23rd. Check the band's MySpace to see if they'll be in or near your city.

Video after the jump...

Islands - The Arm via YouTube