Friday, May 9, 2008

Will Go to Wilco

So as previously mentioned Wilco is going to be in Austin this weekend. Playing at Stubb's on Sunday AND Monday. Sunday is, and has been, sold-out but Monday still has some tickets left. I haven't actually decided to spend the $41 yet but I REALLY want to.

Wilco's website is craziness!! They even have an area where you can request a song for an upcoming show. It has a form you fill out with your name, birth-date, address, etc. Then you choose your song from a drop-down menu and explain why you requested it.

The first concert I ever went to was the band Live. It was the end of their tour so they asked the audience to shout out requests. I always thought that was cool, but I suppose with all of today's tech you might as well make people explain why they chose that song.

Anyway, see you at Stubb's on Monday Wilco.

Wilco - Either Way