Friday, May 30, 2008

Snafu Kitties Bring the Melody

Local pop-rockers, Snafu Kitties, are playing tonight and tomorrow. That's two chances to get in on the melodious, keyboard-driven sounds of Snafu Kitties.

Tonight's show is at the fabulous Beauty Bar. Snafu Kitties will be featured fairly early in the evening as part of a fashion show/magazine launch/rock concert. I suppose it should be mentioned that the magazine is called the Lipstick Pages and it's an online feminist zine. Snafu Kitties has a female lead singer, hence the feminist angle.

Tomorrow night you can catch the Kitties at, South Austin-staple, Trophy's. If you've never been to Trophy's you should know that it's a beer bar, which means if you got a flask they ain't lookin'. Try not to get obnoxiously drunk and distract people from the Kitties though, come on man...seriously.

Stream Snafu Kitties tunes at their MySpace