Monday, May 19, 2008

DCFC = Long Single

Have you heard the new Death Cab for Cutie "single"? I must say I am pre-disposed to like Death Cab since I have liked all of their material so far. But what the heck were they thinking making a single that is longer than 8 minutes?

Also, am I the only one who noticed that there are hardly any lyrics to the song? How many times does Ben Gibbard say "Gotta spend some time love, gotta spend some time with me."

With all that being said I Will Possess Your Heart has been in my head, pretty much since the first time I heard it on KGSR. Narrow Stairs is already in stores seems like it kind of appeared out of no where right? Perhaps DCFC was taking a page out of the Raconteurs book by dropping the record before promoting it, in an attempt to thwart downloaders getting a jump on the release date.

DCFC - I Will Possess Your Heart

I saw this video on Vh1 at like 4am, 'cause that's when they show videos on Vh1. I really like it, but doesn't the whole winter thing seem a bit out of place with a May release. Damn I can't stop bitching about Death Cab, but I seriously like them in real life :-)