Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wild Frontier Fest at Emo's

The heatwave has finally broken (*fingers crossed*), if Austin had true seasons autumn would be setting in, which means it's festival time. We all know that ACL Festival is next weekend but let's focus on THIS weekend. Before all of the big-name, international artists take over Austin's largest urban park, Wild Frontier Fest takes over Emo's with the best line-up of local artists this side of Free Week. Sure, there will be a few out-of-towners performing including, stoned, L.A. rock-outfit, Wavves but for me Wild Frontier Fest is more about highlighting local talent. Tickets for the festival come in the one or two day variety. You don't have to attend the whole thing if you can't handle all of that rock. Also, you should know there will be a kick-off party for the fest at, my favorite neighborhood record shop, End of an Ear on Friday afternoon. The kick-off party will have free food, beverages and a short set from, Bloggy-favs, Oh No Oh My. There will be opportunities to win tickets at the End of an Ear party as well as discounted ticket prices, so rather than sit in 5 o'clock Friday traffic you should camp out at E of an E and grab your tickets.

Oh No Oh My - Walking Into Me video via YouTube

If you're a Spotify user I've made a playlist featuring all of the artists playing Wild Frontier Fest, whose music is available on Spotify. Feel free to listen to it, while you read the rest of this post.

Oh No Oh My will be playing Saturday of Wild Frontier Fest along with other local favorites including:

and that's only a taste of Saturday's line-up.

Sunday's line-up is just is stacked with great local names, as well as Wavves, whom I mentioned above the break. Day 2 of Wild Frontier Fest will feature performances from:

Again, what you see above is not the full line-up for Sunday, it's just a sampling of some of the artists who will be playing Wild Frontier Fest. Like I said at the start, you won't get this collection of bad-ass local bands in one location for a long time. Even during Free Week it's doubtful the line-ups will be this stacked at one venue over the span of a two day period. If you were planning on sitting around the house in your underwear playing Boggle, you should probably change your plans now. Also, it would be wise to take the bus because we all know how downtown is on the weekends when UT is in session. Stay safe, don't drink and drive and support the Austin music scene!