Friday, April 23, 2010

Psych Fest Starts Tonight!

This is the third year for Austin's Psych Fest and it features more heavy-hitters than the previous two years combined in this blogger's opinion. Things kick off tonight at my favorite fortress of rock, the Mohawk. To the best of my knowledge you can still pay $18 at the door to get in, but if you want to be doubly-sure you can always hit Waterloo Records for some hard-copy tickets. However, it's unlikely you'll be able to get tickets for tonight considering the doors open in about an hour. Ideally, I would be doing at least three posts about this event but since I waited till the witching hour I'll just refer you to the first link of this post for the full line-up and I'll just focus on some Bloggy highlights.

Tonight, The Raveonettes headline, this is what I'm talking about when I say heavy-hitters.

the Raveonettes - The Last Dance video via YouTube

These next two names aren't as big as the Raveonettes but they are still heavy-hitters in my opinion. Both artists slayed at SXSW this year and they're both riding on a wave of buzz right now, so seeing them back in town so soon is quite a treat for us Austinites.

I saw Warpaint opening up for Akron/Family about 6 weeks ago. I showed up late so I only saw 2 songs but I was completely entranced. This group is a must-see in 2010 I see their star-rising this year in a big way so catch 'em while you can.

Warpaint - Stars video via YouTube

When Chris over at GorillaVsBear taps your band as one to watch you know big things are in your future. Just ask Neon Indian, well Indian Jewelry is one of the next GvsB bands to watch for. Lucky for us they're playing the Mohawk tonight. Who know? Maybe Chris will be there too?

Indian Jewelry - Swans video via YouTube

Oh hell, I can't cram this whole fest into this post. Look for tomorrow's highlight's tomorrow, hopefully you still read blogs on the weekends. In the meantime I also want to mention that Austin psych-gods Ringo DeathStarr will also be playing tonight so make sure to get there early enough to support our local psych-freaks!

Ringo DeathStarr - Some Kind of Sad video via YouTube

In case you haven't noticed, Austin's Psych Fest isn't your father's noodling psychedelic bull-shit that never goes anywhere. Welcome to 21st Century psychedelic where the goal is to make you feel like your on drugs just from listening to it. Don't worry these bands won't be "jamming" or rehearsing on stage, they play actual songs and that makes Bloggy grateful. Get it? Grateful?