Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Night Anxiety

Oh man, there's so many good shows in town tonight it's giving me anxiety. What if I choose the wrong show and miss a mind-blowing experience?!? Maybe this is just my free ACL jitters. I don't even want to think about next week yet. Let's just focus on tonight. I think, for my money, I would choose to hit Lambert's for {{{Sunset}}}. It's an all locals show and it's not really in the heart of the entertainment district but I really dig shows at Lambert's. Not to mention I'm a big fan of {{{Sunset}}} as well as Martin Crane, which features members of Brazos.

{{{Sunset}}} - It's Already Here video via YouTube

Free Mp3 unofficially back-linked (Bloggin Faux Pas) courtesy of GorillaVsBear, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Martin Crane - On An Evening

Before I headed downtown though, I would stay in South Austin to catch Busdriver's free in-store performance at, my favorite little record shop, End of an Ear. That's going on at 5p today and I'd get there a little early, that store is tiny y'all. And/or you can catch Busdriver later in the night at Red7.

Busdriver - The Troglodyte Wins video via YouTube

Free Mp3's courtesy of Anti-, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Busdriver - Less Yes's More No's

Free Mp3 ---> Busdriver - The Troglodyte Wins

My second top pick of the night has to be Emo's outside show, which features Crocodiles and the Horrors. The latest LP from the Horrors takes the band deeper into their gothiness without sacrificing any popiness. It's making big waves over in England already and has also been making ripples on this side of the Atlantic. Also, the Crocodiles have been getting some big buzz since last year's CMJ Festival. They played the Mohawk last time they were in town and that show had lots of positive feedback.

the Horrors - Mirror's Image video via YouTube

Free Crocodiles Mp3's ---> here.

Speaking of the Mohawk, Asobi Seksu is headlining their outside stage, with Low Line Caller headlining the late-night show inside. The Cave Singers will also be playing the outside stage along with Lightning Dust, featuring members of Black Mountain. As always, this Mohawk bill promises to be strong. When in doubt about what to do just head to the 'Hawk they feature the most Bloggy-Approved artists of any venue in town.

Asobi Seksu - Me & Mary video via YouTube

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Free Mp3 ---> the Cave Singers - Seeds of Night

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Free Mp3 ---> Lightning Dust - I Knew

Free Mp3 ---> Lightning Dust - Never Seen

If electronic music is more your cup of tea, the BBC's Annie Mac will be spinning a set at Barcelona tonight along with Ian Orth and Thomas-Austin.

Annie Mac & Vernon Kay - Pete Tong Interview at Ibiza '08 video via YouTube

All this stuff to do on Saturday night and ACL is still a week away. I'm freaking out y'all. I really want to see Phoenix next week, I'd like to catch Them Crooked Vultures too but the likelihood is looking slim. We shall see.

Them Crooked Vultures - Live at Brixton Academy video via YouTube