Friday, May 22, 2009

Loud/Angry Bands = Chaos?

I feel like I should be talking about this whole Chaos in Tejas thing that started last night/Wed night but to be honest I'm not into angry, aggressive music. Sorry bands that love Slayer but I don't like Slayer or your band. In any case there are lots of talented metal bands from all over the world converging on Austin all weekend long. Most-all of the events happening at Emo's, Beerland and the Mohawk are all part of this festival.

There doesn't seem to be an "official" Chaos in Tejas page so it looks like the easiest way to get the important info you're looking for is, as usual, Show List Austin. All of my fellow servertron3030's at work yesterday were pretty hyped to see Propagandhi I didn't have the heart to tell them I'd never heard of it. I was more excited about an unrelated Shearwater show.

Propagandhi - The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist video via YouTube

Free Mp3's courtesy of Matador Records, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Shearwater - the Snow Leopard

Free Mp3 ---> Shearwater - Leviathan Bound

Free Mp3 ---> Shearwater - Rooks

It's not like I hate all of the bands playing Chaos in Tejas I can recognize their talents it's just not for me. On the other hand there are some local bands I'm really into that will be featured in or around this whole festival thing. Other than just Shearwater who are actually not affiliated whatsoever with Chaos in Tejas. These bands are, at least loosely affiliated though:

'Til We're Blue or Destroy - Love in a Coma video via YouTube

the Strange Boys - Heard You Want to Beat Me Up +more video via YouTube

Ok, so Harlem already played their affiliated show but I'm still gonna post something from them too.

Harlem - South of France video via YouTube

I know the band is somewhere behind that tall dude. Oh yeah, Harlem have a new member now according to GvsB but I haven't seen them since this was alleged to have occured. Oh, and they're still a 3-piece, they just REPLACED a was the one dude that didn't sing and songs.

I wanted to put a live video of Shearwater up too:

Shearwater - Leviathan Bound video via YouTube