Friday, December 5, 2008


As someone who enjoys music, I inherently enjoy lists. That's why music listeners/readers, such as I, love the end of the year. December/January we will see everyone's music opinions unleashed in handy to read lists. What were the break out songs? Best albums? Best live shows?

Usually what this REALLY means is time to one up each other with most obscure picks. What? You've never heard Laulu laakson kukista by Paavoharju? Well that's one of the best albums of the year son! Or at least according to some of these folks...

Find links list after the jump

Gorilla Vs. Bear's - Best Albums and Best Songs list.

Stereogum's Best Everything List...including Album

PASTE Magazines Top 50 Albums List

Blender Magazines Top Albums List

Q Magazines Top Albums of the Year List

Uncut Magazines Top Albums List

The NY Post, that bastion of excellent journalism, also does a Best Albums List