Monday, May 19, 2008

Radiohead Balance

So I recently discovered the blog Stuff White People Like via Kanye West's blog and they had a post regarding New Balance sneakers. SWPL is kind of a sociological study of white culture from the point of view of the generally oppressed but the whole thing is done very tongue-in-cheek making it hilarious.

Being originally from Maine I have a particular affinity for New Balance sneakers, they are sturdy, reliable, comfortable and Made in Maine. I also have a particular affinity for Radiohead. Actually it's closer to obsession but I wasn't able to catch them in Texas last week because I have outrageous credit card debt. But I digress.

GorillaVsBear was at the Radiohead show in Dallas along with 20,000+ other people (Approx. Blogger:Non-Blogger Ratio Data --->3:1). I'd like to draw your attention to Johnny Greenwood's kicks:

Image Courtesy of Gorilla Vs. Bear